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A French company specializing in manufacturing unsinkable components since 1999.

Our products are suitable for year-round use and are resistant to low temperatures, seawater, damage from marine plant and animal life, and hydrocarbons.

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Rotax doesn’t just work in the marine sector – our rotomolding expertise means we can produce items for all applications (gardening, traffic management, homes, and more).

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A rotomolding specialist

Rotax provides effective solutions for applications in a broad range of sectors and offers high-quality products, for example for floating homes, road markers, events, and the maritime world, including a wide range of marking buoys.

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Rotax’s historic business focus and its main area of expertise for more than 30 years, rotomolding is a process for manufacturing plastic components whose main characteristic is that they are made of a single piece (without seams or adhesive), resulting in increased stability and reliability.
Plastic is injected into rotating molds heated to high temperatures, evenly coating the inner surface of the mold.

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