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The Searial Cleaners

Waste collectors

Rotax Marine is proud to contribute to a better world through its brand The Searial Cleaners by collecting small pieces of trash from the coast. The Searial Cleaners offers the first range of innovative and complementary green tech designed to collect marine waste (plastics, hydrocarbons, etc.) from coastlines all over the world where hands are no longer enough.

In a challenging environmental context, where pollution of marine and coastal environments is now a sad reality, taking urgent action is essential to protect our coastlines, beaches, and oceans from marine waste – and microplastics in particular. Many stakeholders now want to take action; some are prepared to do so, but few effective solutions exist.

4 different technologies are currently operational:

Bebot: the beach-screening robot

Collec’Thor: the fixed waste collector

Pixie Drone: the mobile waste collector

InvisiBubble: the bubble curtain

Stop wondering, start cleaning!

The Searial Cleaners: our philosophy

Collecting waste is no longer an option. It’s an essential and fundamental civic act that transforms mindsets and practices.

We firmly believe in technology that contributes to transition, hand in hand with everyone who is committed to making a difference on the ground every day – improving waste collection so that tomorrow, we no longer need to clean but simply protect.

Let’s join forces and make a difference.

The mission

Make waste collection easy and normal for all coast stakeholders – starting with everyday citizens, and with them, all those who hold positions of responsibility: elected officials and public & private managers. Make picking up waste an automatic civic reflex that will help protect our ecosystems.

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