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About us

Our history

A French company specializing in manufacturing unsinkable floating components since 1999, Rotax is a specialist in thermoplastic rotomolding, a technique we use instead of more common processes such as blow-molding and thermoforming.

Since 1999, Rotax has manufactured the equivalent of 150,000 tonnes of floating components for use in harbor and pleasure boating structures all over the world.

Its decades of experience make Rotax a leading manufacturer of nautical products and accessories.

Our philosophy

Each and every day, human fulfillment is central to our business performance, to our products and to our relationships with our employees.

We believe that our corporate social responsibility begins at the heart of our everyday activities: in the way we interact with our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our environment.


Because what we do today shapes our planet’s future, Rotax is committed to protecting the environment.

We work tirelessly to reduce our environmental impact by centering our efforts on three main focuses:

RECYCLABLE: Rotax only works with 100% recyclable materials,

RECYCLING: with our customers’ agreement, our production waste is reincorporated into our raw materials,

RECYCLED: Optimizing our products’ end of life is one of our key focuses, which is why we collect our products at the end of their lives so they can be recycled into raw material.

CSR* is at the heart of Rotax’s strategy. We’re constantly seeking new ways to adapt our practices and our business model, with the ultimate goal of better tackling the challenges of the future – enabling people to live in better harmony with their ecosystem.

As a company, we contribute to:

–  the deployment of a new, more environmentally responsible model
the fight against global warming
the fight against marine pollution

*Corporate Social Responsibility


Our products can be found all over the world thanks to our network of distributors and agents who have trusted us for years.

Our unsinkable components are suitable for all climates and weather conditions (UV intensity, salinity, climate events, etc.).

Our long-term vision and our investment in each and every partnership strengthens our international development.

Contact us

To find out more about our products, or if you have a specific question, contact us via this form